Blakeley Civil War Battle Set for
Saturday, March 28

Battlefield history comes alive at Historic Blakeley State Park Saturday (March 28) as reenactors portraying Confederate and Union troops reenact the assault that was the last battle of the American Civil War 150 years ago.

Encamped on the original battlefield, now preserved by Blakeley Park, more than 150 reenactors will demonstrate the battlefield conditions under which the 83rd Ohio Infantry and other Union troops overran Cockrell's Confederate defenders of the earthen fortifications April 9, 1865.

The public is invited to come onto the battlefield, see group demonstrations and talk to the individual soldiers at any time between 10 a.m. and until about 3: 30 p.m. At approximately 4 p.m. the battlefield will be cleared of civilians and the final assault will begin by Union soldiers whose lines were only a few hundred yards from the Confederate fortifications built to protect Mobile from attack from the east.

Although the original siege and assault was an all forces engagement featuring exchanges of heavy artillery fire from both armies, the depiction this weekend will highlight infantry encampments and assault.

“This anniversary event is designed to bring students and history buffs onto the battlefield and into the living and fighting conditions of the Civil War soldier.”, said Jo Ann Flirt, director of Battle State Park. “All activities will be accessible with maximum convenience to the public”, she said.

The Civil War encampment also comes on a weekend when spring foliage at the 2,000-acre historic and nature park is near its peak. The anniversary event also features period music by Kracker Dan and his band.

Blakeley State Park is located on State Hwy. 225 about 4.5 miles north of its intersection with U.S. 31 at Spanish Fort. Admission Saturday to the Civil War event is $5 for adults and $3 for children 6-12. Parking and shuttle service inside the park is free. For more information call Blakeley Park at 251-626-0798 or email .

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150th Anniversary of Last Battle of the Civil War
to be observed by Blakeley State Park March 27-29

Historic Blakeley State Park will provide the public with a unique opportunity March 27-29 to experience the authentic sights and sounds of the last major battle of the Civil War reenacted on the original battlefield.

To commemorate the 150 th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Blakely, which led two days later to the unopposed capture of the city of Mobile, the park is staging a special living history weekend.

Reenactors experienced in providing authentic representations of the lives of Civil War soldiers will be on hand to guide visitors in exploring the campgrounds of both Confederate defenders and attacking Federal forces throughout the day Saturday, March 28. A reenactment of the pivotal battle fought on the park's grounds on April 9, 1865 will occur at 4 p.m.

Throughout the weekend visitors will have an opportunity to tour the battlefield, which features some of the best-preserved Civil War earthen fortifications in the nation.

The battle occurred just hours after the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee's army in Virginia and followed days of siege of Confederate fortifications at Blakeley and nearby Spanish Fort. While many people assume Lee's surrender to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant marks the end of the Civil War, large Confederate and Union armies remained in the field.

Following the fall of Fort Blakely April 9, Federal troops met little or no opposition as they marched through lower Alabama. With the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln days later, the nation's attention turned from the war to focus on occupation of the former Confederate states.

Gen. Richard Taylor's formal surrender of remaining Confederate forces east of the Mississippi in ceremonies under the branches of a tree in Citronelle May 8, 1865 went practically unnoticed.

“This educational event will authentically portray the military history of America's most tragic war”, said Jo Ann Flirt, director, in announcing the anniversary commeration. “Fort Blakely is recognized by the National Park Service as a Class A Civil War battlefield acknowledging that the battle had a direct impact on the course of the war.”, she said.

The battlefield has been saved by 40 years of dedication and work by many people and agencies, public and private. It is now preserved by Blakeley State Park and opened daily to the public.

“The living history units selected by Blakeley to reenact the conditions, weapons, tactics and camp life of the soldiers here 150 years ago will be portraying factual representations. Hopefully, it will enrich understanding of the amazing history preserved at Blakeley Park.” she said.

Special demonstrations are planned for throughout the day Saturday, March 28. A living history demonstration will be offered Friday, March 27 to handicapped and senior citizens at an area of the park on which Civil War activities took place but which is more accessible to them than the battlefield. School groups also will be admitted that day.

Qualified reenactors are invited to register in advance for selection to participate in the event. For more information go to, email, or call 251-626-0798.

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Blakeley Residents Spotted

Visitors to Blakeley State Park with patience can see wildlife like this young mother raccoon and two of her four babies exploring the Washington Square picnic area this week (Aug. 24) She is leading them down from one of the park's huge, old oak trees. Click here to view the photo. (Photo by Jo Ann Flirt)

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Robert Bradley of the State Archives Dept with Confederate Civil War battleflag captured at Blakeley.


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